What do you get when you join a cat and a girl? A catgirl!

Join and unjoin to play as either a cat, a girl, or a catgirl and solve puzzles. Can you make your way through Tiggle's maze? Probably, it's not very hard...

Made for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam for the theme "Joined Together".
All models, code, music, art, etc made in 48 hours by Joe and Holly.


Tiggle for Windows 23 MB
Tiggle for Mac OS X 23 MB


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I really love the game it was fun and I get it but there is a glitch were when finish the game you can go through  the case  and there glitch were you can press a lot of buttons at once and also there also a glitch were you can get the person through the door by pressing e when you in the middle of the door so you can go through even if you are catgirl but I will vote the game every high so don't you worry  

so i found a pretty big bug... you can split then send girl through the girl door, then because the cat comes to the girl you can just go through any girl door with ease, i ended up skiping half the game this way, cool idea but i think the presentation needs to be more complete.

Yeah, it definitely makes the game a bit too easy, we were hoping no one would notice... We'll just call it catgirl magic ;)